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The evolving of mankind is a history of defeating nature, as well as a history of fighting against the devil, diseases, for improving the survival environment, under today’s highly,civilized culture but comparatively worse survival environment, we call for health. We need health bodies to meet stricter challenges both for survival and development. Owing mankind’s wisdom, we have a desire to create a health tomorrow.

5000 year’s Chinese culture have bred its traditional medicine in typical oriental philosophy, highly developed west culture have perfected its medicine theory. Based on the two foundation stones we try to integrate them and make this combination blossoming with fruits.

We devote ourselves to the research and development in the fields of hypertension, hypotension, cardiovascular, synthetic tension symptoms, pain relief acupuncture massage, nano-tech. and oral care etc. . We try to make a new medical concept Self-help Health Care & Self-help treatment perfectly combined with our present and future products. Our hard work will bring benefits to the majority of people over the world.

We devote ourselves to mutual communications with the advanced medical technology, equipment and products in the home and overseas countries. We have no intention to create history, but our future will radiate brilliant rays of health.

JinTong (Guangzhou) Medical & Health Care Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 , which is located in Guangzhou China. It’s a high-tech manufacturer, specialized in developing, producing, and selling wearable medical equipment and health care products.

Our main products are wearable high blood pressure improver (Electrostatic Nerve Stimulators), Sleep partner, Snorepro, Health watch, Acupuncture massage foot care, Ultrasonic slimming care, Pain relief TENS for America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries. Our products are focus on people requirements and service to design and manufacture in quality, function , no side effect, simple , safety etc. Due to our dedication, our products are popular in the world. We will continue to developing the good products for excellence by providing good service and high quality to help people get more health. 

Health is Wealth.
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